What Is Rhino?


For all of our multi-unit properties, we have elected to work with Say Rhino instead of collecting a typical deposit. So, what is Say Rhino? Renters pay a fee to Say Rhino as an insurance against unpaid rents, damages, and more. 

When does EBG make a claim against a Say Rhino? 

Examples of when we can make claims against your Say Rhino policy include (but are not limited to) :

1. When rent is more then 15 days late and exceeds 1 month’s rent

2. When damages are caused that are over $250 or at or after the time of move-out

3. Any past due rent or damage charges once a tenant has vacated a property

4. When lease cancellation fees are due for abandoning a property or vacating a property.

You can also click the link below for direct information from SayRhino