Just Approved For A Lease With Bridge Home Realty

Congrats! You’ve just been approved for a lease with EBG Properties!

So whats next?

1. Respond to the welcome email you received from the office with the name of your occupants, move-in dates, pet info, etc.

2. Wait for the copy of your lease. This will be coming from a website called docusign where you can click to review and sign (no documents need printed)

3. Once your lease is signed, you must submit your first month’s rent payment to us within 48 hours (either through online payment or mail in check/money order)

4. Complete all required utility transfers and send confirmation to the office

5. Obtain renters insurance and send confirmation to the office

6. Complete Rhino Sign up and send confirmation to the office or send deposit prior to key pick up

7. Schedule your key pick up (anytime after 3pm the first day of your lease from our office).