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“Bridge Home Realty did a wonderful job in helping me find the perfect first home! I highly recommend them! Great at answering my questions and helping me understand how the buying process works!” 



“Bridge Home Realty’s company helped my family get an apartment in our time of need. They have always answered our emails asap about anything that had been wrong with our apartment and has always helped with getting things fixed. The staff is great. We absolutely love our apartment on Claremont Ave in Brentwood.” 



“I have been working with Bridge Home Realty for the last 11 months, and I have been very impressed with Bridge Home Realty’s work ethic, commitment and fantastic responsiveness. Bridge Home Realty is easy to work with and very efficient. Works hard and manages their time very well and you never have to send repeated reminders – Bridge Home Realty is on top of things even during the busiest times and will make it happen. That level of dependability and commitment is truly refreshing. Bridge Home Realty is very knowledgeable about the market and dealing with tenants. I would highly recommend Bridge Home Realty.” 



“Bridge Home Realty has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Super responsive and helped my business partner and I manage 4 properties remotely.  Bridge Home Realty really knows their stuff well and we look forward to working together more in the future!  Highly recommended!”



“I met Bridge Home Realty as I was looking to relocate to the Pittsburgh area. Having sold a home, I wasn’t ready to purchase until familiar with the area. Bridge Home Realty has helped me secure a townhome rental. Bridge Home Realty is knowledgeable, efficient, kind and awesome with my 2-1/2 grandson and daughter during my search. I highly recommend Bridge Home for your home search!!! Sebastian and I thank you, Bridge Home Realty!”



“Bridge Home is a fantastic agent. They are always on the ball and are all very hard working agents who get deals CLOSED! Would love to do more deals with them.”



“Bridge Home Realty was a pleasure to work with. Always quick to respond and tops when it comes to class.”


home for sale with a lot of land in pittsburgh area

“Bridge Home Realty are hard workers who cares, would love to work with them again sometime.”



“Bridge Home Realty and I really worked together on this transaction– true example of teamwork and everyone having the same goal in mind! We had a lot of roadblocks but we (and our clients) worked to keep everything together.”