Lenders We Love

Being agents in the industry for decades, we know it’s difficult to find a lender you can trust.

As a small local business, we appreciate the hands on and personable relationships we build with our clients. We want to ensure that our clients receive the same level of care that we provide at Bridge Home Realty throughout their buying process. These local lenders have proven to be favorites of Bridge Home Realty and our clients.

Kevin O’laughlin 

Movement Mortgage

Phone: 412.308.5667

Email: kevin.olaughlin@movement.com

Keith Landis 

Keystone Home Finance LLC

Phone: 412.567.6560

Email: klandis@keystonehomerinance.com

Ryan Saxton 

Movement Mortgage

Phone: 412.606.1496

Email: ryan.sexton@movement.com

Debbie Hopper

Mars Bank

Phone: 724.586.6767 x225

Email: dhopper@marksbank.com

John Ammon

West Penn Financial

Phone: 412.853.9073

Email: j.ammon@westpennfinancial.net