Path To Ownership

Path To Ownership

If you are currently a renter, but want to be on the path to morning your own home, rent to own is for you. Choose a home for sale and rent it! Bridge Home Realty is partnered with Home Partners of America to give you the exclusive right to buy it and you decide if it’s right for you.

Rent or own, the choice is yours

How It works

Get Approved

Start your journey home with a quick and free prequalification form and see if the program is right for you! Then, apply with no impact on your credit.​

Find Your Home

Search for a home listed for sale. You can work with your agent, or we’ll connect you with one. We show you the rents and purchase prices upfront, so there are no surprises (property qualification criteria apply).

We Buy the Home

We will make a cash offer on the home of your choice. If successful, you sign a 1 year lease and get ready to move in.

Rent and Decide

Enjoy your new home with the peace of mind of 5 years of locked-in rent. You can buy your home at any point. At the end of your lease term, you can renew, or simply walk away with no penalties.

Home Partners is your path to a great home

A home you love. A neighborhood you want. Our approach to real estate starts with you: your budget, your timeline, and your goals. With Home Partners, your choices are clear, your options are open, and you can move forward with confidence.​ Enjoy the benefits of a single-family home now and decide later. ​Welcome home.


We understand that owning a home is a big decision. Start by renting your dream home and buy at any point, or simply walk away with no penalties.​


What you see is what you get! The rents listed are what you pay, no matter what.​ Plan ahead with rents and a purchase price that are guaranteed for 5 years.​


Unlock access to hundreds of homes for sale and find the one that is right for you. With us, your options are open, and the choice is yours.

The Home Partners Program

Step by step

The program is very simple: you apply on Home Partners of America’s website, and if you’re approved, we help you find the home you want in Home Partners’ Program. Home Partners buys the home and rents it to you, and you have one to three years of rent certainty with only a one-year financial commitment on the lease.

And most importantly, you can buy the home that you selected from Home Partners at a price established when you enter the Right to Purchase Agreement, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

This is an exciting opportunity, and we urge you to apply to the Lease with a Right to Purchase Program if you think it sounds like a good match for you. You can find more information on their website.

Apply for approval

Prospective residents start the process by filling out a Pre-Qualification Application that checks key issues. Anyone who is 18 years or older and will reside in the home must complete both the Pre-Qualification and the Full Application. If the Pre-Qualification Application is approved, the applicant will be required to submit a Full Application for a full credit and background check. If a Full Application is approved, Home Partners will outline the maximum Monthly Rent of the home for which the prospective resident qualifies.

Find a qualified home

Prospective residents will work with a Bridge Home Realty agent to find a home in an approved community. Once a home is identified and approved by Home Partners, Home Partners will attempt to purchase the home- the outcome of which will depend on certain conditions being met such as agreeing on a purchase price with the seller, a satisfactory inspection, attorney review of the purchase contract, and other closing conditions being satisfied.

Home Partners buys the qualified home, household leases the home

Prospective residents will be required to sign a 1 year lease for the home as well as Right to Purchase Agreement.

Household has right to purchase the home

We buy the home. You lease it and have the right to buy it later if you want to.